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Greetings to All & Welcome!
I am Jeannine,
This is where you will
find some of my
favorite photos of my
fur babies. 
Scottish Terriers! 
These are tough little
dogs, weighing around 20 pounds.  Full of energy, with lots of love & I can do anything attitudes!  And they do just that, as you will see in some of my pictures as they are updated.
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Cleopatra always has a happy face, and looking for anothr adventure.  1983
                   Cleopatra & Joe
Who says I'm to short to keep up?  I'm going camping too!  And Joe the horse is going to take me.  Mom better hurry up and get on or we are going to leave without her.  Joe and I know how to look after each other, and the way to the high hills lakes. I could never sneak out of the house and ride a horse without Cleopatra.  I tried one time only to come home to the saddest howl you could imagin.  1990
      I want my mourning coffee.  NOW!
   5 month's old, with her favorite toy.  1991
                Rufus & Skeeter
Mom has a new camera & guess who is going to be the models?  Roo Roo Rufus, far left, 3 years old.  Wee Do Skeeter, right, 1 year old.  Jan. 2001
               Rufus & Skeeter
Is this the prettiest please you ever saw?  Yes indeed, we are good boys & need a cookie please.
              Stonewall McTank
My first Scottish Terrier.  My little old man, so sophistocated & regal at the age of 12 weeks!  My little old man, who stole my heart and turned me into a faithful Scottie mom.
  Why are you laughing at my ears mom?
          Mom! - I am Roo Roo Rufus!
This is not a laughing matter, it was up a second ago.  I don't know what happened.  It just won't stand up for very long.
               Wee Do Skeeter
Christmas 2001, 11 months old.  I just don't know which toy I like the best~  But I have to make sure I keep them all gathered up before my brother picks his favorite and runs off and bury's it in the snow.  LOL ;)
          Rufus teaching Skeeter
how to play tug o' war for the firt time.  Rufus 2 years old.  Skeeter 8 weeks.  March 2000. 
      Who might this pretty little girl be? Join me in the next pages to meet this little    doll and watch her grow up to be the new      lady of the house.  I would also like you to meet a very special guest.  Do you think you know who it is?  Check and see if you guess correctly.
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                  Pittypaws Special Blend Scotties
Daisy Mae!  What are you doing?  Trucking down I-90?  "When I grow up I am going to be a trucking puppy with my mommy & daddy"
This little angel is "Mouse In The House"!  At 2 months old she would like to show you her new polar fleece sweater.  A perfect fit!
Two of my boys.  On the left we have Fancy Baby and on the right is Cody.  Both of these boys are registered Quarter Horse, Tobiano Paints.  Fancy Baby is my roping & trail horse.
My Harley
News Flash
We have a brand new litter of little square bottom Scottie puppies!  Born May 9, 2009.  I am very excited because it has been 4 years since my last litter of babies.  My work schedule did not allow me enough time to put down a litter.  And I would not do so without being able to devote the puppies my full time round the clock attention.  Miss Mouse In The House is the mommy & my stud Pockets is the father. 
Puppies will be ready for new forever homes on July 4th. 2009
Call 509-681-0406 or email to reserve your new loyal companion!